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My name is Fabian Stein,

I'm the Leader of the TYPO3 Marketing and TYPO3 Design Team. As we have seen last year in our TYPO3 Marketing Sprint, the best way of producing something is to meet two days in person and to build up as much as we can. For this reason and for the reason that the TYPO3 Community is able to contribute as much as they want. We try to invent two open Marketing Sprints a year. Those sprints are meant to give us time to produce marketing collateral. For this reason we need you. Whether you want to write texts, design things or help in a more conceptual way - We need everybody together to work as efficient as possible. We want to invite everybody especially those from abroad. We want to help you presenting TYPO3 in the best possible way suitable for your country. For this reason we have chosen Frankfurt on the Main which is near to Frankfurt Airport and easy to reach for everybody. We're looking forward to meet you in Frankfurt!

Fabian Stein

What We Do

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TYPO3 Brand

Define the emotional meaning of the TYPO3 Brand. Short Workshop.

Together with the GmbH we are working with the Agency Grey on a communication concept for TYPO3. For this we want you oppinion. What do you feel about TYPO3. How is your picture of the brand TYPO3

TYPO3 and other CMS

Many of you wonder and discuss from time to time what the benefits and the USP of TYPO3 are. We want to collect a nice set of arguments for TYPO3 and set them up nicely so that everybody can use them afterwards.

TYPO3 Slidedeck

Some of you have asked for slides to a specific topic on TYPO3. We will work on a base to build up a slidedeck of information you can take and present. Exemplary topics:

  • LTS
  • TYPO3 Organizations
  • Features and many more

For this we need people with the ability to simplify and collect information from various sources.

typo3.org relaunch help

The typo3.org relaunch will take place next year. We want to help the typo3.org team working on the communication tasks around typo3.org. For this purpose, we will get a summary of people who have been asked about their requirements. Together with the typo3.org team we will work on the new communication infrastructure of typo3.org.

TYPO3 Inc marketing

There are many nice new products around the TYPO3 Inc. Elasticorn, SLA, Engineer Support and many more. We want to help the new company bring those products into the light.

TYPO3 Marketing Calendar

We want to collect ideas of what could be the right tools to implement a kind of marketing calender where we have an overview over the year and activities at TYPO3 so that we can plan our activities better.

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Höchster Hof

Mainberg 3, 65929 Frankfurt am Main

We have found a nice place for our creativity. For this reason we chosen a place easy to reach from Frankfurt Hbf or Frankfurt Airport.


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